6.12.2020 г.
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  • sumo is for girly men, ya

    Amir KazemiAmir Kazemiпреди ден
  • Da sumo shi gay 😂

    Fabyan MFabyan Mпреди месец
  • What a bell end that mat is

    StevenStevenпреди месец
  • Imagine if matdoesfitness was on Roids 🥲🤯

    Mr.x.y ASMRMr.x.y ASMRпреди 2 месеца
  • i have a good feeling larry been receding hairline for a while now

    Roman KozlovskiyRoman Kozlovskiyпреди 2 месеца
  • that nba jersey dude looks quite strong. crazy to think 15yos actually dl more tho

    OJ OJOJ OJпреди 3 месеца
  • The guy in the 23 shirt needs to back off if he did not blow a disc he will be lucky i know all about it and what it looks like what it feels like and what he explained is not good. Hope he is ok.

    Audi 1Audi 1преди 3 месеца
  • Timw off doing what you do is good i dont care what anyone says that beats the living shit out oc your spine and disc . I had to lower back surgeries trust me on this you ever blow your disc your done for life. You will never deadlift again after being fused and if you do it just keep blowing one after another. I had to come up with a complete custom weightlifting program to look like im a lifter and have a good build its a bitch.

    Audi 1Audi 1преди 3 месеца
  • Larry you could quit dead lifting for 2 yrs and still pull more than 98 % of the planet. FACT

    Audi 1Audi 1преди 3 месеца
  • 50% of the guys in this video knows how to deadlift🤣

    Erkinmäen AutokorjaamoErkinmäen Autokorjaamoпреди 3 месеца
  • thanks matt, larry, mike and joe brilliant video. funny to watch

    Jermaine SteadmanJermaine Steadmanпреди 3 месеца
  • Larry you should make an app ......

    Diante WattsDiante Wattsпреди 3 месеца
  • Larry has meat mallet hands why don’t you use hook grip

    s annings anningпреди 3 месеца
  • I just pulled 162kg at 64kg bodyweight but didnt recorded it. Although i have uploaded 150kg deadlift at 64kg bodyweight. Will surely upload 162kg next time.

    The Fit TravellerThe Fit Travellerпреди 3 месеца

    Dave LoopDave Loopпреди 3 месеца
  • What's that stuff they sniff?????

    Isaiah BeltranIsaiah Beltranпреди 3 месеца
  • Matt and Mike seem boring, negative vibes and just not as fun personality as Jo and Larry

    Anna JonesAnna Jonesпреди 3 месеца
  • Matt is fit to become a goddamn royal marine

    Hani Abu HijlehHani Abu Hijlehпреди 3 месеца
  • that matt guys form is disgusting, makes me cringe each time

    Hassan HHassan Hпреди 3 месеца
  • Matt guy kinda boring

    Bovi KinimiBovi Kinimiпреди 3 месеца
  • Lots of hate in the comments for no need .

    GLAN12 ManGLAN12 Manпреди 4 месеца
  • Ammonia and almost dying for 220 Lmao! Also i hate to say but he really talks as he looks like a douchebag. lol

    kalzonenukalzonenuпреди 4 месеца
  • Can someone explain why matt does them so fast i dont understand is he in a rush somewhere?

    XoticXoticпреди 4 месеца
  • I love Matt’s humour 😂 good to see a few legends training together

    Blake SoolyBlake Soolyпреди 4 месеца
  • I just dislike the Video because of these two clowns with the bad vibes. Maybe they are the counterpart of the switzerland pro bros clowns back in the days

    IchausmundenheimIchausmundenheimпреди 4 месеца
  • Lmao. How do smelling salts make you feel?

    Angel OneAngel Oneпреди 4 месеца
  • @Larry Wheels what kind of smelling salts do you use?

    Raphael FischerRaphael Fischerпреди 4 месеца
  • What is the point in wearing masks if you’re not even gonna wear them 😂

    Nui Te KohaNui Te Kohaпреди 4 месеца
  • Im a fan of Matt, but its annoying how he doesnt lock out. Maybe he does, but he doesnt even hold it for a second.

    FilipFilipпреди 4 месеца
  • Hey, just wanted to say that you are loved more than you could ever imagine, no matter what is going on in your life. Life can be incredibly hard, but we are blessed so much by our Lord and savior. The people in your life, the phone or computer you’re reading this on, and the simple act of breathing are all huge blessings. Don’t focus on the negatives, or what has or could go wrong. Focus on Jesus and the many blessings He gives us every day. Smile and take a breath. God’s got it figured out already, and is taking care of you. He has never let you down, and won’t start now. He’s coming back. Are you ready? God bless. God is so beyond amazing. Hey, just wanted to say that you are loved more than you could ever imagine, no matter what is going on in your life. Life can be incredibly hard, but we are blessed so much by our Lord and savior. The people in your life, the phone or computer you’re reading this on, and the simple act of breathing are all huge blessings. Don’t focus on the negatives, or what has or could go wrong. Focus on Jesus and the many blessings He gives us every day. Smile and take a breath. God’s got it figured out already, and is taking care of you. He has never let you down, and won’t start now. He’s coming back. Are you ready? God bless. God is so beyond amazing.

    Michael HarrisMichael Harrisпреди 4 месеца
  • It seems like Larry's training with a group of Bond villains.

    EdD5EdD5преди 4 месеца
  • Mattdoesfitness aka the fakest natty out there

    PandurrPandurrпреди 4 месеца
  • The fuckstick with the chains next to them is killing the vid for me. Like dude, Larry is filming, chill with the chains. Shit is echoing through my speakers lol

    Adam PAdam Pпреди 4 месеца
  • Of course they sumo

    William BlairWilliam Blairпреди 4 месеца
  • Turns out Mattdoesroids and Thurstelone are bellends

    Who’s EdgarWho’s Edgarпреди 4 месеца
  • 16:44 worst form i've ever seen. he's def gonna crush his toes one day lol

    DJ St3rlingDJ St3rlingпреди 4 месеца
  • What's the point of wearing a mask again ?

    1 Stone1 Stoneпреди 4 месеца
  • I love how the other guys do reps and Larry bangs out one rep like it’s nothing 😂

    J RogersJ Rogersпреди 4 месеца
  • nothing

    The BeastThe Beastпреди 4 месеца
  • Guys like you at the gym...just put the damn mask on your face!!!

    TheMerlinator43TheMerlinator43преди 4 месеца
  • 💪🦁

    youssefzyadptyoussefzyadptпреди 4 месеца
  • I’ve never heard anything more testosterone filled that when Larry yelled “FINISH IT” at Matt during his last set 😂😭💀

    JT1702JT1702преди 4 месеца
  • you are all so weak , i will call son goku he will beat you all with one fingers

    SkyFireSkyFireпреди 4 месеца
  • Great colab 👌🏼👌🏼

    Adam BeckettAdam Beckettпреди 4 месеца
  • Matt needs to be slapped for his form.

    FAFOFAFOпреди 4 месеца
  • Sumo is crap

    Kevs cabs Deleted videosKevs cabs Deleted videosпреди 4 месеца
  • cmon Larry, don't give your shine to people like thurston. Fuck the fake nattys! Stay humble

    blessedhistoryblessedhistoryпреди 4 месеца
  • If anybody wonders, he pulled 345 kg x 3 @9 I would say. So if he went @10 it would have been 4 reps and that 345 kg x 4 @10 equals 387 kg x 1 @10. So his 1RM should be around 387 kg.

    Powerlifting 95Powerlifting 95преди 4 месеца
  • Everybody loves Jo

    Goztepe2002Goztepe2002преди 4 месеца
  • dang that stuff seems like it not to mess with lol

    Karl LeeKarl Leeпреди 4 месеца
  • Just saying in that kind of back injury a lot of chiropractors will tell you it’s sciatica, but in reality many people do not have that and it has to do with your facet joints. So for y’all who have a messed up back and the chiropractor isn’t working look up some exercises to help your facet joints in your lower back.

    UNB3A74B13UNB3A74B13преди 4 месеца
  • Lool when Larry said “FINISH IT” on Mats last pull I got hyped 🤣

    Kookie CombatKookie Combatпреди 4 месеца
  • So they see a proper deadlifter do a perfectly spot on deadlift, and they go and do a SUMO deadlift.

    Jorge LourençoJorge Lourençoпреди 4 месеца
  • That zip tie on the bar is driving my ocd insane

    Nate Wylie StudiosNate Wylie Studiosпреди 4 месеца
  • Take them nappies off your faces gents, please

    Rytis KaraliusRytis Karaliusпреди 4 месеца
  • Guys! You are great! And Hero of Your own! Greetings from Latvia!

    Original JurisOriginal Jurisпреди 4 месеца
  • So Larry max is 345

    Joseph UjiadugheleJoseph Ujiadugheleпреди 4 месеца
  • Opposing hand grips is a cool way to tear a biceps that's facing outward. Your hands are supposed to be in a pronated direction for deadlifts. I don't wanna see anymore torn biceps. In supination/outward direction, the weight will only hang on the bicep whereas for the Other way round, the elbow Is locked therefore putting the Weight on the skeleton starting from the forearm bones

    Joseph UjiadugheleJoseph Ujiadugheleпреди 4 месеца
    • Stop supinating your hand for deadlifts or rack deadlift

      Joseph UjiadugheleJoseph Ujiadugheleпреди 4 месеца
  • I took 100 weeks off, still had 90% of my 1RM back squat. Because I don’t take drugs. That’s why.

    Krums KornerKrums Kornerпреди 4 месеца
  • Keep it pumped. 😁💪🏋🏼‍♂️👍

    DoubleDeckerAntonDoubleDeckerAntonпреди 4 месеца
  • 25:38, that last 'FINISH IT' got me good

    Blem BlamBlem Blamпреди 4 месеца
  • So long story short he still deadlifts more than all of us combined

    AlecAlecпреди 4 месеца
  • Nothing get's a rep done better than Larry Wheels yelling "FINISH IT" at you

    JaaggJaaggпреди 4 месеца
  • Dream team

    Thomas IsakThomas Isakпреди 4 месеца
  • larry has small legs

    FareightFareightпреди 4 месеца
  • Sexy man, be safe Larry! Wow the dogfight in you is a beast!

    Ban NedBan Nedпреди 4 месеца
  • This used to be a channel for men. Not for boys :(

    XL SXL Sпреди 4 месеца
  • I’m literally watching the same videos from different camera perspectives

    Marvin PierreMarvin Pierreпреди 4 месеца
  • I am not against sumo at all but damn this guy is just too wide

    Adi adiAdi adiпреди 4 месеца
  • “Try something new they said” 😂😂 Joe is Hilarious 😍

    Valerie O.Valerie O.преди 4 месеца
  • This video should be called 'how to wear a mask the right way' lol

    Asha ThaoAsha Thaoпреди 4 месеца
  • Z

    William BidinottoWilliam Bidinottoпреди 4 месеца
  • Jiren is back

    Gaurav SolankiGaurav Solankiпреди 4 месеца
  • Larry, did you know your smile is beautiful bro? I'm sure you do hahaha

    Jorge AntoniaziJorge Antoniaziпреди 4 месеца
  • Sumo lmao

    richard wilsonrichard wilsonпреди 4 месеца
  • That purple belt is 🔥

    LoganLoganпреди 4 месеца
  • Just a reminder that Larry is 10 years younger than Matt and 6 years younger than Mike 😅

    StannardRg4StannardRg4преди 4 месеца
  • Good thing you had those masks under your chins! Stay safe.

    Hobbes250Hobbes250преди 4 месеца
  • 1:10 Paul Walker and The Rock

    The Enlightened OneThe Enlightened Oneпреди 4 месеца
  • Matt behaves like an absolute nob

    monsterohmonsterohпреди 4 месеца
  • Funny how the smallest man there is open about his "trt" use but the two in the middle isn't

    KjetilKjetilпреди 4 месеца
  • Lmao just dont wear the mask of the nose is out guys.

    R DR Dпреди 4 месеца
  • Yes.Seeing this video I conclude that Matt definitely is natural and maybe even vegan.

    Amninder SinghAmninder Singhпреди 4 месеца
  • Larry and Jo seem like great dudes the other 2 just seem fake as in every possible way

    jason meyerjason meyerпреди 4 месеца
  • Nostakaa jo.

    TopsiekkuTopsiekkuпреди 4 месеца
  • how is mattdoesfitness so incredibly unlikeable

    Shawn VognarShawn Vognarпреди 4 месеца
  • all them chin diapers though ...

    soulfly159753soulfly159753преди 4 месеца
  • nice man 👊🏿

    Prentice ThomasPrentice Thomasпреди 4 месеца
  • I'm 205 lbs and I hex bar Farmers walked with 425 lbs 10 steps! Larry working 300 something kg is hard to match.

    Tanorok QTanorok Qпреди 4 месеца
  • One thing I’ve learned watching this video... Larry doesn’t like Matt😂

    Salvador MorenoSalvador Morenoпреди 4 месеца
  • The only reason why balls and sack put bumpers on in the most out order of plate choice possible is because there both made for “Show”. Larry’s a real one, if he had it his way, he just would of loaded the bar with calibrated plates 🤷‍♂️

    STEEL BALLSSTEEL BALLSпреди 4 месеца
  • Showim' Larry~

    Pyramid1974Pyramid1974преди 4 месеца
  • I 100% pull less with sumo, targets different muscles. For me it's the inside of the legs that sumo feels the worst.

    Jared Garrett-SocialAnxietyJared Garrett-SocialAnxietyпреди 4 месеца
  • i watch matt on his channel but fuck me he came across like such an aggregate bellend in this

    L FollzzL Follzzпреди 4 месеца
  • Juji smelling salts are the strongest in the market for sure. Stronger than Nose Tork

    Alejandro SanchezAlejandro Sanchezпреди 4 месеца
  • Gotta start wearing a mask while deadlifting definitely will get a PR.

    C- LoC- Loпреди 4 месеца
  • I don't care cuz it's not me but why even bother having masks anywhere near you never mind having them hang off you like chin diapers

    aaron maximaaron maximпреди 4 месеца
  • you shouldn't have stopped deadlifting for armwrestling , and stop getting injured

    Xiaonping CasXiaonping Casпреди 4 месеца
  • Hey Larry, when you talk about whip on a bar, what does his mean bro

    Pyrate UKPyrate UKпреди 4 месеца
  • Mattdoesgear

    Harry CHarry Cпреди 4 месеца