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Larry Wheels:
Monster Michael Todd:
Monster&MrsMonster BGbuild:
The Monster Factory:

  • This was the combo man!! Dope vid

    Senna PunjabiSenna Punjabiпреди 7 дни
  • Its awesome that Larry has taken to the sport so well. Love his dedication to it.

    Vernon PGros MorneVernon PGros Morneпреди 19 дни
  • класс)))))))))

    Александр Это совершенно неважноАлександр Это совершенно неважнопреди 23 дни
  • 38:27 *that's so me* 😅 while coaching being super easy on the kids so they can bring out their best

    The Enlightened OneThe Enlightened Oneпреди 26 дни
  • 28:19 did *Mr Monster* use *the C word* twice ? 😨

    The Enlightened OneThe Enlightened Oneпреди 26 дни
  • When will you make kids Mr. Mrs. Monster

    Nadine RudorferNadine Rudorferпреди 26 дни
  • Larry its the wrist buddy, that’s the one place Michael looks like he has far superior strength👍

    Darren Lee jonesDarren Lee jonesпреди 27 дни
  • This is all wrong, this channel is becoming too much biceps and testosterone

    Pranav TiwariPranav Tiwariпреди 28 дни
  • Mis monster is such a cool person! Mike is a Lucky Man

    dani balbuenadani balbuenaпреди месец
  • Larry is getting better..he is gonna be a beast in arm wrestling as well! I can see his passion in everything he does..and that's what makes a champion 🏆

    forbidden discipleforbidden discipleпреди месец
  • Michael look's like the God of war

    The PunisherThe Punisherпреди месец
  • man...Larry is SO explosive on his strenght trainings, i wonder if he can translate that onto the table at some point. but yea, the improvement is visible now, took a while, but it is visible.

    TNM001TNM001преди месец
  • Don't open Larry, close ,

  • 22:12 Is this a sneak peak to Larry’s secret evolution? 😳

    xGeN07xGeN07преди месец
  • Michael under the table Todd

    Frei DenkerFrei Denkerпреди месец
  • this video really solidified to me that larry is a freak. lol

    JordoniusJordoniusпреди месец
  • Larry's bicep peaks > Mt. Everest

    JordoniusJordoniusпреди месец
  • Looking good bro

    DeJaYz 01DeJaYz 01преди месец
  • micheal is going of the pad all the time

    Kiet van EgmondKiet van Egmondпреди месец
  • That JERRY CADORETTE impression was PERFECT XD

    Habeev07Habeev07преди месец
  • I like you M.larry and M.tood I subscribe you👍

    Yuda PratamaYuda Pratamaпреди месец
  • at 4:03 you can hear a pop was that larry arm? :o

    G̶A̶R̶P̶G̶A̶R̶P̶преди месец
  • At the 2018 Zloty Tur I heard somebody say LEVANS hand was "fluffy" huge but fluffy. Hard to grab onto.

    Habeev07Habeev07преди месец
  • "FOLDING YEW LIKE A CHILD" Love Mrs. Monster

    Habeev07Habeev07преди месец
  • Larry needs to copyright his signature laugh!

    JerrySJerrySпреди месец
  • Roughly how long is that resistance band they're using?

    Morgan O'NeillMorgan O'Neillпреди месец
  • 7:50 so Levan is coming to Dubai?

    JasonDXXJasonDXXпреди месец

    Enrique AcostaEnrique Acostaпреди месец

    Enrique AcostaEnrique Acostaпреди месец
  • You got cheated on the strap

    Snow RiderSnow Riderпреди месец
  • The real MVP is the table

    Kenneth NewmanKenneth Newmanпреди месец
  • That rematch vs schoolboy at WAL will be great.

    The Armwrestling OpinionThe Armwrestling Opinionпреди месец
  • Can’t wait to see larry vs school boy again a year from now 🤝

    Carlos AnguianoCarlos Anguianoпреди месец
  • The end rounds were amazing!!!

    ODNODNпреди месец
  • I fking lost it when he said, "This is like a really thorough warmup". What a fking legend.

    Ahmad ShaAhmad Shaпреди месец
  • Tell her that should be the new shirt Have her say folded you like a child

    Roosters LoungeRoosters Loungeпреди месец
  • Is michael living at larry's house?? He is there almost 2 months

    Sergio Sanchez HuescaSergio Sanchez Huescaпреди месец
  • MT taught him very well the basics. For further advanced improvement he has to go with Devon Larratt. He is probably the best one to do this.

    Osman BalciOsman Balciпреди месец
  • michael has been so patient with teaching and helping larry with everything he could. now larry has improved and gotten so much better. hopefully one day when larry goes to the WAL matches. michael will still be the coach of larrys. also at the same time, larry has such great personality. im not worried about him ditching michael after thou. im sure they will be bestest friends, teachers and students forever.

    Jomain asdfJomain asdfпреди месец
  • Hey larry i have a tip for u If do only top rolls Michael todd will easily defeat you because he can defend u but in not that case if u give top roll first and at the end of finishing it give the hook he can't defend the hook

    Stone ArtStone Artпреди месец
  • where is Khaled now he should come

    Renátó LegiardiRenátó Legiardiпреди месец
  • The Kings move is shite

    Michael M McDonaldMichael M McDonaldпреди месец
  • I saw that her face...🤒🤒🤒 It's like 😟😟😟😟😟 ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    U ChU Chпреди месец
  • I can see that your technique is getting better my brother you are really coming into your inner potential which you really do have. we all can see you beating school boy in a rematch now 😳 round two fight

    corone2018corone2018преди месец
  • 39:01 He is down below the table

    Steve Aisin-GioroSteve Aisin-Gioroпреди месец
  • So refreshing to watch these unconventional arm wrestling training videos, can't get enough of this content! 💪🏻

    paul gibsonpaul gibsonпреди месец
  • Todd left is crap

    Impriam AlphonseImpriam Alphonseпреди месец
  • I would like to see a prime Ron bath vs Larry or Schoolboy, I know Ron would win against Larry easily probably but Ron vs School boy would crazy

    Lit manLit manпреди месец
  • little grasshopper always beats the master

    Daniela Rey de velazcoDaniela Rey de velazcoпреди месец
  • 38:48 bring it on face!

    CarbonMikeCarbonMikeпреди месец
  • Devon larrett has already made a video on how “ Micheal is cheating when he straps them up, gives a 15% advantage...”

    E BE Bпреди месец
  • Larry wheels is the best type of student, crazy hard worker and the desire to be the best in everything he does. Huge potential for him in arm wrestling in the next few years just like he’s done in powerlifting

    E BE Bпреди месец
  • where is khaled?

    Mannfred KlausMannfred Klausпреди месец
  • 👍😁

    Кайрат СмаиловКайрат Смаиловпреди месец
  • 35:50 that was almost a perfect transition to a dead press

    Emthesage EMMEmthesage EMMпреди месец
  • am looking at it and... there is no way Michael can beat Levan

    DiverseChannel LukaDiverseChannel Lukaпреди месец
  • Now I want to see Larry vs Khaled...

    Infinite BeingInfinite Beingпреди месец
  • Michael Todd's wife is super awesome

    Eun ShinEun Shinпреди месец
  • Legend says that when Larry laughs, his TRT goes up 1%

    Juanan JuananJuanan Juananпреди месец
  • Hustle strap?

    GuyINaHammockGuyINaHammockпреди месец
  • Screw strong man. Train with Michael Todd for a year and focus all your training in arm wrestling.

    MasterWhimpMasterWhimpпреди месец
  • Larry's finally fighting back.. This is EXCITING!!! 💪💪💪

    DashDronesDashDronesпреди месец
  • I Just Fuckin Love Larrys Laugh :D

    George JanverdashviliGeorge Janverdashviliпреди месец
  • His wife face when he was completely owned in left arm

    Sommanshu KhajuriaSommanshu Khajuriaпреди месец
  • All workout is loosen. This workout is not designed for Arm Wrestling. Start Massage job 5 hrs. It's Enough for you💪👍

    IME KINGIME KINGпреди месец
  • Larry's arm wrestling has improved massively since monsters been there. I'm not giving monster all the credit cause it could just be Larry's table time and just naturally getting better but it does seem like MT is making a difference

    Ross ReichRoss Reichпреди месец
  • Jesus, this Michael guy is the least humble person I’ve ever seen. Stop reminding everyone how good you are - it’s too cringe

    alexandrealexandreпреди месец
  • OMG dudes we get it just get a room and don't get caught. They will throw you in a gay prison over there. Well...maybe you should just go ahead.

    Dave StansburyDave Stansburyпреди месец
  • I'm going to make a get. Todd and Larry. Todd " IF" I win. Todd's beard comes off and he must treat his lady to a special lady's out, spa, hair, whatever she wants but no gym! Larry WHEN I beat you if you can find your yes sirs, lol, I get to take Nichole back to the U.S. with me where she will referee me and Travisty Bageyna. And then she gets her special day too.

    Dave StansburyDave Stansburyпреди месец
  • 22:12

    Mighty SeaBassMighty SeaBassпреди месец
  • Great improvement Larry!

    StayhumbleStayhumbleпреди месец
  • Micheal over the table? WHAT?!

    Geno GenoGeno Genoпреди месец
  • I dont even need to watch this to be entertained...u guys r out

    Andrew MillerAndrew Millerпреди месец
  • Michael vs Lavan let’s see it!

    Ha1fbakedgolemHa1fbakedgolemпреди месец
  • monster is funny😂

    Elon MusketeerElon Musketeerпреди месец
  • Michael knows how to work the pad from the front to the back with his elbow on the hit. Larry hasn’t learned that yet his elbow stays in the same spot😏💪🏻

    SlowjamcdubSlowjamcdubпреди месец
  • Larry are getting stronger than before... awesome 😎

    Syahirah Firzana ex-MusliminSyahirah Firzana ex-Musliminпреди месец
  • This makes me want to start training for Arm wrestling

    SlowjamcdubSlowjamcdubпреди месец
  • Larry VS the old man for the $100!!!!!!!!

    SlowjamcdubSlowjamcdubпреди месец
  • Hurt the place same hhh. I can show U how to fix it!

    Sói lang thang gachaSói lang thang gachaпреди месец
  • That arm wrestling workout looks agonizing...

    Jonathan WJonathan Wпреди месец
  • larry's progress is amazing

    aznfoever35aznfoever35преди месец
  • Larry wheels is the only person with a head of cabbage in their bicep

    JessJessпреди месец
  • 37:00 thats a fraternity hand shake right there... TAU GAMMA PHI

    GaTz GamingGaTz Gamingпреди месец
  • larry forced todd under the table finally lol atleast for a quick sec but he did haha

    SnailSpeedSlowSnailSpeedSlowпреди месец
  • Was pleased to hear that Michael prays before events. Spiritual life is something rarely mentioned on strength channels.

    Oscar SweetmanOscar Sweetmanпреди месец
  • Larry is weird dude,one moment he laugh,second one he is serous..Can't really tell what's his thoghts

    dejan stojsindejan stojsinпреди месец
  • Getting good mate. All the best

    ssteacupssteacupпреди месец
  • That left look solid

    Yísus CristYísus Cristпреди месец
  • 👍💪

    Randy GALINDORandy GALINDOпреди месец
  • I bet their arms are going to hurt for a long time

    Bohan HuBohan Huпреди месец
  • Where is khaled

    Adrian Bjerre LundstadAdrian Bjerre Lundstadпреди месец
  • Larry's vs Micheal( left arm ) be a wild vid

    Cody NorthrupCody Northrupпреди месец
  • Save meron

    Age of DreamsAge of Dreamsпреди месец
  • Immediately when a commercial comes on I tab out and do something else, support the men!

    Patrcia ClemonsPatrcia Clemonsпреди месец
    • But ain't watching no dumbass commercial

      Patrcia ClemonsPatrcia Clemonsпреди месец
  • this was the best larry yet, when he starting making grunts thats how you reach higher power

    ttпреди месец
  • Left arm🙀🤔

  • Dang Larry, getting good!

    Bassmasta911Bassmasta911преди месец
  • Doing a large amount of hand grippers doesnt actually matter. Youre supposed to do high weight small amount of reps because of how grip strength is designed in hand. Its basically a sheet of cartilage your training.

    CodyCodyпреди месец
  • He's excelling because he's into it.

    Patrcia ClemonsPatrcia Clemonsпреди месец