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Larry Wheels:
Levan Saginashvili:
Monster Michael Todd:
Monster Michael Todd BGbuild:

  • Ok Pr squad let’s go to monsters BGbuild and get him to 100k that’s the mark we want to see guys. If you want more content with Larry and all the arm wrestlers we gotta do our part. Let’s go boost him up after you sub to monster and to Larry put a thumbs up !! All positivity guys

    Roblox DadRoblox Dadпреди месец
    • been subbed to monsters channel even before he did the collab. WOOOO

      BrandonBrandonпреди месец
    • @Roblox Dad earth is flat is dislike for ur comment

      kublaj djurokublaj djuroпреди месец
    • @Roblox Dad 100% agreed!

      Brannan WilliamsBrannan Williamsпреди месец
    • @Rudolph Donovan we don’t need any negativity on my comment thanks.

      Roblox DadRoblox Dadпреди месец
    • I love watching u Larry but Michael is an insecure dude and he talks way to much

      Rudolph DonovanRudolph Donovanпреди месец
  • Larry do you think he should get a little wider and start with his legs lower Bc he’s a big guy?

    PerculesPerculesпреди 17 дни
  • 12:50 hardest worker in the room right there.

    Yo BroYo Broпреди 25 дни
  • What we "NEED" to see, is how strong Khaled "IS" "NOT" just hand and forearm strength, lets see how strong he in on the real lifts, bench, squat, strict curl, shoulder press ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Wayne

    Wayne RowleyWayne Rowleyпреди 26 дни
  • 👍

    dnlybuff_stevednlybuff_steveпреди 26 дни
  • I just wanna say, with the utmost respect to Michael, Rebecca is absolutely beautiful. You are a lucky man. God bless y’all. 🙏🏻

    Wanker527Wanker527преди 26 дни
  • 3:52 omg!! larry very big !!!!!!!!!!!!

    ZICO충신빵테ZICO충신빵테преди 26 дни
  • So what’s his cycle?

    Fonque AbbeyFonque Abbeyпреди 27 дни
  • 9:40 plays twice just so you know I keep michael !

    LostxToxAxSnailLostxToxAxSnailпреди 28 дни
  • Michael is cooler than levon

    Luis LopezLuis Lopezпреди 28 дни
  • Larry wheels looks like he wants to go home and play video games 😆

    Luis LopezLuis Lopezпреди 28 дни
  • As good as my 10 yr old bro is at fort nite is how good Larry wheels is at lifting

    Luis LopezLuis Lopezпреди 28 дни
  • Todd looks like the guy you at the gym and stay away from because he will kill you but then he says “balls on the wall sounds like it hurts” 😂

    Luis LopezLuis Lopezпреди 28 дни
  • Todd is THOR

    Luis LopezLuis Lopezпреди 28 дни
  • I think Levan beats Michael...easy!!!

    Mystic BeingMystic Beingпреди 28 дни
  • Those deadlifts looked smooth from Michael

    Mystic BeingMystic Beingпреди 28 дни
  • The camera guys are going to be hitting PRs soon lol 😂

    Alvarez SoCalAlvarez SoCalпреди 28 дни
  • Thought Micheal was in his early 30's! Fit people level up after 35!

  • u all adopted larry's laugh, 1st camera man, now everyone else...

    DARK .LDARK .Lпреди 28 дни
  • I miss Michael already lol. The people who say he talks a lot, he’s strength training here, he’s going to talk a lot as there is a lot of rest time in between sets, and he’s very funny and entertaining with Larry next to him, it makes for an awesome video. Love this series

    Giovanis LlorenteGiovanis Llorenteпреди 28 дни
  • Awesome 👌video 📹!

    Kevin ValdezKevin Valdezпреди 29 дни
  • Nice, michael the regularity is the key. Eating well also helps 😂😂

    Antho Rey jolyAntho Rey jolyпреди 29 дни
  • Your follower I love you from the Arabs of Iraq

    亗مڜاڪڛ亗亗مڜاڪڛ亗преди 29 дни
  • Larry, call Travis Bagent in Dubai. I saw interview in witch he said that he would love to come.

  • I'll admit, I didn't like Michael Todd before because of the meme but he's actually a really cool dude! Awesome😎😎

    Sulaiman KakaSulaiman Kakaпреди 29 дни
  • After levan you could invite vitaly laletin to Dubai?🤔😁

    XWSshowXWSshowпреди 29 дни
  • I’m enjoying these videos and arm wrestling because of Larry now. However the arm wrestling community looks pretty toxic, the amount of dislike Khalid gets is insane, and Todd gets a huge amount and he’s genuinely a great guy. Spoils a lot of the positives about arm wrestling IMO.

    Cookie MonsterCookie Monsterпреди 29 дни
  • ?

    Ar - JayAr - Jayпреди 29 дни
  • Hey Larry I been lifting on and off, but no matter how long I rest whenever I do any dumbbell or bench press my right shoulder (supposed to be my dominant arm) just feels like it’s lagging. It’s not pain it just holds me back like it’s locked.

    Omar AbdelazizOmar Abdelazizпреди 29 дни
  • If you want to hear how levan talks search for ლევან საგინაშვილი.you will not understand but it is better than nothing

    Saba BichnigSaba Bichnigпреди 29 дни
  • Larry, I told my buddy about pr lifestyle & he bought all ur straps and wraps and loved em... Last night his truck got broken into and they jacked his gym bag with all of it in there... Sux lemme know if u wanna help, I'm gonna buy him something too prolly

    kevo ckevo cпреди 29 дни
  • Michael without question. OG and a good coach.

    PlasmaFuzerPlasmaFuzerпреди 29 дни
  • Everyone needs a workout partner with the same chemistry that you guys have. Awesome video.

    Donny ThompsonDonny Thompsonпреди 29 дни
  • Damn Larry fired his other camera guy for talking too much shit every video

    wayne paganwayne paganпреди месец
  • Levan

    Fahad CaderFahad Caderпреди месец
  • Did Michael say coach black Larry

    John Alexander Rambo parry jr The 3RdJohn Alexander Rambo parry jr The 3Rdпреди месец
  • If Michael could act, he would be a good Kratos.

    Appalachian AmericanAppalachian Americanпреди месец
  • Michael todd always he is the trainer we all need

    Aryan KumarAryan Kumarпреди месец
  • Oof if michael wins, he truly is the monster of arm wrestling

    Liam PriorLiam Priorпреди месец
  • You guys do shit Michael stung on an inclined bench, not standing, standing he wouldn't have squeezed 122 kg on 3

    Gdhhdhu GyufugfGdhhdhu Gyufugfпреди месец
  • Damn Larry. All that laughing and the joke is on u! U gotta alot of haters around u! That Hulk guy on the last vid, he has Neanderthal genes on his mother side No way u was going to compete with that! Ur guy with the beard AINT ur friend. Its in his eyes. Ur ego was used against u and u were set up. They clowned u Larry. Somebody that big and Hulked up, i wonder if he ever used enhancements!

    Malik HassanaahMalik Hassanaahпреди месец
  • Levan was awesome to watch and share his experience in arm wrestling. Nice guy and a gentle giant. Michael is very knowledgeable and his techniques in arm wrestling makes him the best coach to help you become the best you can be. Larry I was'nt a fan before but I am now. You are a humble man and a great student. Thanks for your awesome videos and keep them coming.

    John MorrisonJohn Morrisonпреди месец
  • Larry bringing amazing comedy! Awesome as always guys, thanks

    Don LemDon Lemпреди месец
  • Michael Todd looks like a douche, levan looks like a bear lol I’d keep levan

    Joey WhelanJoey Whelanпреди месец
  • Todd really is a weirdo

    BFHBFHпреди месец
  • Larry and Micheal Todd best combo since Larry and Thor

    RoLLDicERoLLDicEпреди месец
  • Tbh ,this channel lost 50% interest for me when Levan is not here anymore ..

    Remus SerbanRemus Serbanпреди месец

  • Keep Michael Todd, he talks more compared to Hulk Smash!

    DanieI JosephDanieI Josephпреди месец
  • Go to 12:50 and tell me what he is doing in the background.😂

    Zach ClaytonZach Claytonпреди месец
  • Whens michael going to shave the middle of his beard.

    Patrcia ClemonsPatrcia Clemonsпреди месец
  • Hey guys I beat a guy twice size me watch on my channel

  • livan saginasvili vs school boy arm wrestling

    mankirat singhmankirat singhпреди месец
  • who want levan vs school boy 👁😉

    mankirat singhmankirat singhпреди месец
  • Train wich Heavy Macebell one hand for monster grip.

    Gastón GiorlandoGastón Giorlandoпреди месец
  • I would keep Levan of course. But I would train with Michael.

    ციფრული ოთახიციფრული ოთახიпреди месец
  • Great video ... What is a Russian strongman doing? See on my channel

    Sports Planet TVSports Planet TVпреди месец
  • the monster is Hilarious honestly!

    Not Watching TVNot Watching TVпреди месец
  • Michael todd is very rude interrupting and talking over Larry not hard to tell he is an American.

    Bonnie BrothersBonnie Brothersпреди месец
  • Will miss Michael and Kevan both! Probably Michael just a bit more because he speaks English better and the beard. This has been great content, thank you!

    vietnameseloempiavietnameseloempiaпреди месец
  • Let’s keep the monsterrdr

    Abraham HernandezAbraham Hernandezпреди месец
  • If i wanted to see the monster train i would go to his channel..... When are we gonna see Larry workouts again?

    Big DoggBig Doggпреди месец
  • I would love to see you train with anabolic horse

    czech guyczech guyпреди месец
  • I’ve been noticing- Michaels arms are not the same length. Must be from excessive arm wrestling! Hence all of his bar-path for all lifts are slanted! Big credit to the monster!

    MMпреди месец
  • Larry u should either get Devon to come back or get Vitali or get Julian Maddox to come next just sum content ideas to help boost the views!!!

    Slicc SavageSlicc Savageпреди месец
    • Julius*

      Slicc SavageSlicc Savageпреди месец
  • I'm not a trainer or a master... I think that the strength of forearms and the strength of the grip are really influent in the deadlift. If you test it Larry has stronger grip and forearm so he grip very well the bar and does not lose energy from other muscles group to compensate the debility of hands and forearms

    Lisandro CastanoLisandro Castanoпреди месец
  • Larry is hell on wheels

    sTx.98 _sTx.98 _преди месец
  • Keep Michael n his Mrs they are the best people you ever had on your channel Larry

    Byrom TaylorByrom Taylorпреди месец
  • Disappointed Michael and Levan didn't hold hands

    Charles AstorCharles Astorпреди месец
  • Monsters!

    fitness basado en la evidenciafitness basado en la evidenciaпреди месец
  • I’d keep Levan. Michaels beard can stay though

    jtyree0226jtyree0226преди месец
  • @Monster Michael Todd this guy is the biggest disgrace of arm wrestling..yes you monster.always under the table kings move ...only way he can win against professional armwrestlers.they all know its true..we all know that his achievements are illegitimate..i mean just imagine all arm wrestlers decided to do kings move , to get a surgery for bone lock and use that to win every competition they do...what a joke the sport would turn into...this guy michael todd is a fake champ...@ Devon Larrat @ Larry Wheels @ ArmBet Tv @Levan Saginashvili @Alex toproll @armwrestling... DisGraceful person acting like he earned it....cheater..everyone does real armwrestling except Todd...he does conwrestling..we all know youre a fake todd admit it...go on

    john smitjohn smitпреди месец
  • Michael, the improvement is on point! That's good form right there!

    Liam Base JrLiam Base Jrпреди месец
  • Bring back BTC POWAAAA

    Yozone PlaysYozone Playsпреди месец
  • Why is Todd exhaling during the lifting phase of the deadlift? I thought that was really bad?

    Steve DennisSteve Dennisпреди месец
  • No Adam?

    Ross SutherlandRoss Sutherlandпреди месец
  • Loving Michael Todd on the channel. Great chemistry between you both. Keep it coming content wise.

  • Michael Todd 110% but I must say the 3 together Larry, Michael and Levan is a great team plus you need Michael to do Levan translation hehe. Always great content Larry keep up the great work!

    Tangata TuitupouTangata Tuitupouпреди месец
  • All good things come to an end

    Eric RyanEric Ryanпреди месец
  • U can tell that the viewer's has less than when levan is in the vids

    fufu the greatfufu the greatпреди месец
  • 13:00 thought that was someone doing dips in the background...

    JAMOJAMOпреди месец
  • Say good bye to your fridge 😮

    corone2018corone2018преди месец
  • Michael this program is working. Please PLEASE don’t stop this program. Your entire body has to be stronger for Levan.

    TheGhostof VersaillesTheGhostof Versaillesпреди месец
  • getting too long and boring

    GuywithcrazyideasGuywithcrazyideasпреди месец
  • Michael Todd is awesome dude💪💥

    SoB 75SoB 75преди месец
  • anyone else think Michael’s wife is HOT

    Valente MedinaValente Medinaпреди месец
  • I think it'll be strange to have Levan without Michael and vice versa. I don't know, they're just fun together, and they get along so well, despite the language, I mean they understand each other via body language and that's it, like that time when the guy was twisting bad from last video and Levan was worried, Levan was looking at Michael and he understood instantly.

    Petre RosioruPetre Rosioruпреди месец
  • Michael will easily hit 350 kg in 4 weeks of training , he is insanely strong for a 47 year old.

    King CheemsKing Cheemsпреди месец
  • Where is Levan? larry?

    Mateovic 92Mateovic 92преди месец
  • It's only when Levan goes away that you realise just how big MMT has gotten.

    blahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahпреди месец
  • Levan hahahah

    Fabian BatemanFabian Batemanпреди месец
  • We should all start a fundraiser and donate so we can fly Levan, michael, and devon out do a video series with them all.

    DawgFLDawgFLпреди месец
  • Larry ur legs need some work bruh

    Daily DotaDaily Dotaпреди месец
  • Michael

    William SWilliam Sпреди месец
  • Team Todd!!

    Andy BugzAndy Bugzпреди месец
  • Anyone seen Micheal Todd arm wrestle? Spoiler look up Devon vs mike and prepare to see a disgrace to the sport. Lol dudes a clown.

    beelvanbuurenfulbeelvanbuurenfulпреди месец
  • michael obviusly. hes funny

    Elon MusketeerElon Musketeerпреди месец
  • Good for Michael! That's awesome

    blake millerblake millerпреди месец
  • Lol Adam is gone, YES! Please keep it that way. I don't care what your cameraman looks like just as long as they're not unfunny and annoying like Adam. This guy is good, works out, good camera work and doesn't say annoying dumbshit.

    RaozSkillzRaozSkillzпреди месец
    • What i get from your comment is that you dont like Adam. There were many good armwrestling matches between him and others on the channel.

      East ClintwoodEast Clintwoodпреди месец
  • Michael

    Devyn WiesnerDevyn Wiesnerпреди месец