19.01.2021 г.
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Larry Wheels:
Andrei Deiu:
Andrei's BGbuild:

  • Love from România.

    Alexandru TudorAlexandru Tudorпреди 18 дни
  • After eating they got very nice pump in their packs 😂🤣

    Aftab AnsariAftab Ansariпреди 27 дни
  • Close you mouth when u re eating!

    Pablo Ortiz-EchagüePablo Ortiz-Echagüeпреди месец
  • Why are they taking tiny tiny bitess😭😭 it’s triggering meee

    Mighty Gamer DMighty Gamer Dпреди месец
  • Larry U cool man!

    Фридрих НицшеФридрих Ницшепреди месец
  • My question is how bad was the shit later after this..?? Imagine downing all that waiting taking a pre workout then run to bathroom and have a baby LOL

    Josiah PierceJosiah Pierceпреди месец
  • Love the HAROLD and KUMAR "30 sliders" from Larry XD

    Habeev07Habeev07преди месец
  • This time Andrei wasn’t day dreaming.

    David TierneyDavid Tierneyпреди месец
  • am a big fan of Larry and His lough

    kako kamlkako kamlпреди месец
  • That blondes not for me at all.

    Alex SalterAlex Salterпреди месец
  • Jaw pump is the worst 😂😂😂

    Nathan WilliamsNathan Williamsпреди месец
  • Love to see larry achvng new level of success..keep working hard larry nd plz dnt get careful

    Syed jisan AliSyed jisan Aliпреди месец
  • Bine Deiuuuu ❤❤

    SevenR7SevenR7преди месец
  • what’s up with the Lat Larry? Hope nothing to bad

    Keith peteKeith peteпреди месец
  • iti dai seama ca e roman dupa felul in care explica si trage cu ochiul ca asa e boss😉

    Alcs AdiAlcs Adiпреди месец
  • I can finally say I'm stronger than larry at speed eating

    Omar IrizarryOmar Irizarryпреди месец
  • Damn how may kalories was all this food

    Alexander JimenezAlexander Jimenezпреди месец
    • @Josiah Pierce yeah that’s crazy

      Alexander JimenezAlexander Jimenezпреди месец
    • @Alexander Jimenez oh crap i forgot... Yeah calories probably... I ate 15k in a sitting before... Not the smartest idea in 6'3 240lbs and I felt like shit haha

      Josiah PierceJosiah Pierceпреди месец
    • @Josiah Pierce they had dessert too

      Alexander JimenezAlexander Jimenezпреди месец
    • @Alexander Jimenez yeah could be more... I assume each ones 500 tops so.maybe 15k calories

      Josiah PierceJosiah Pierceпреди месец
    • @Josiah Pierce holy

      Alexander JimenezAlexander Jimenezпреди месец
  • Larry you shouldn’t have passed him the napkins

    Alexander JimenezAlexander Jimenezпреди месец
  • Larry you are huge you have to win Olympia bro!

    BansheeboatBansheeboatпреди месец
  • I am fan your from India 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🙏🙏😁

    priyanshu Bhartipriyanshu Bhartiпреди месец
  • Toilet🙄😂😂😱😱

    Umar SiddhiqUmar Siddhiqпреди месец
  • Hahuh hahuh hahuh

    Harsh SharmaHarsh Sharmaпреди месец
  • All those steroids give him a big appetite

    Jack McGinnJack McGinnпреди месец
    • Well duh.. Thanks captain obvious

      Josiah PierceJosiah Pierceпреди месец
  • Watching this makes me wanna eat like crazy.... where's my apple?

    Duarte OlivalDuarte Olivalпреди месец
  • Somebody call matt stonie

    SoccerGeeksSoccerGeeksпреди месец
  • Andrew is big guy but he is looking small beside larry

    Moin VlogsMoin Vlogsпреди месец
    • Well duh lol... Larry is a massive frame... And much taller and more weight

      Josiah PierceJosiah Pierceпреди месец
  • Larry cmon bro youre still our hero, from australia

    N ReddyN Reddyпреди месец
  • That’s a huge slider

    Tyrone MeltonTyrone Meltonпреди месец
  • Andrei most haven’t eaten nothing in days to be eating like that... Andrei low key cheated ..😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Noel ThomasNoel Thomasпреди месец
  • Larry need to collaborate with Kevin Tha Hulk Washington they both are strong 💪🏾 on them heavy weights and bench pressing.. I personally believe Tha Hulk will out do Larry.. Julius Maddox will beat both of them on the bench press challenge 💪🏾💯

    Noel ThomasNoel Thomasпреди месец
  • To be fair Andre was a fat dude before his transformation so he’s had some practice eating hella food

    Big RubyBig Rubyпреди месец
  • u should do a video with matt stonie Larry hahahaha

    GBeeskiGBeeskiпреди месец
  • those sliders is there any place similar to this State side?

    Linkx16Linkx16преди месец
  • Love Larry, but bro close your mouth when you eat please 😂😂😂

    Philip McCulloughPhilip McCulloughпреди месец
  • with diet Cok that could be better !

    Fabien LivestrongFabien Livestrongпреди месец
  • i think larry doesnt like this food . It looks like taste is not good for him .. Speed of eating is not a problem. The problem is taste...

    Neso MadzarevicNeso Madzarevicпреди месец
  • I notice big guys have too much muscles in the stomach area squeezing the stomach small. So small/ thin guys can eat more and fast.. because the stomach has all the space to bloat without hard muscles restricting them.

    Rathan SherigarRathan Sherigarпреди месец
  • Nice👍In Dubai and drinking water from Norway. This is so good for our planet.... NOOOOOOT

    Steffan KristiansenSteffan Kristiansenпреди месец
  • How does larry get his calories inside when he eats like this? Haha

    Marlon LemsMarlon Lemsпреди месец
  • Andrei's nature is soo humble 😀.very happy guy 👍👍👍😃

  • Larry eating in a date:

    Roberto MiglioratiRoberto Miglioratiпреди месец
  • 😳😳😳😳

    Aneesh BalanAneesh Balanпреди месец
  • This was really gross yet I watched the whole thing. I'm unsure why.

    Pieter CoetzeePieter Coetzeeпреди месец
  • It must be great if you had that much food and can also eat it all too

    KeithKeithпреди месец
  • Can’t wait to do a collab. Respect from Milwaukee

    Junior 414Junior 414преди месец
  • How many calories in that entire challenge for each of you?

    Darren TimmsDarren Timmsпреди месец
  • Larrys eating game is weak wtf :D

    Saucy NuggetSaucy Nuggetпреди месец
  • love Larry but this is not a good look. stuffing your face and talking with food all over your mouth. ewwww

    Junaid HossainJunaid Hossainпреди месец
  • Two humble bodybuilders together ❤

    Anita NahariaAnita Nahariaпреди месец
  • Hey Larry, why not set-up an exhibition eating contest against you (or someone else you know who can eat a lot) and Matt Stonie?

    Kane's CrimesKane's Crimesпреди месец
  • Larry needed to stretch his jaw muscles before the challenge.

    I like to commentI like to commentпреди месец
  • Everything Larry does is always best 😂😂

    Abhishek TeliAbhishek Teliпреди месец
  • Larry, I hear Levan loves hamburgers and french fries.....when he comes please take him and Michael Todd to a place like this and do a food challenge with him!!!

    Mike KMike Kпреди месец
  • Thomas hungri sarebbe fiero di voi

    Giovanni RepiciGiovanni Repiciпреди месец
  • HA. HA. HA. HA. HA. 😄->😐

    Rayan KasimRayan Kasimпреди месец
  • Larrys laugh is the original version of “ HAHAHAHA” 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂

    Gowthamkumar GandiGowthamkumar Gandiпреди месец
  • Hmmm

    Tony PasmaTony Pasmaпреди месец
  • how do u get all that money to stay such a long time in dubai the things are so expensive there i dont get it

    donCorleonedonCorleoneпреди месец
  • The first video from larry that was fuckn boring

    YlliYlliпреди месец
  • Well, Larry..... I think I could beat you in this challenge. I love sliders, too so I'd be totally down for this!

    ShedWright OutdoorsShedWright Outdoorsпреди месец
  • Bro did you actually think u could eat faster than a romanian? 😂😂

    Thanks ThanksThanks Thanksпреди месец
  • Larry you can do Shotput record

    U19 6308 RohitU19 6308 Rohitпреди месец
  • They seem so friendly and chill lol

    Luke HLuke Hпреди месец
  • The stress on Larry's face😂

    JJJJпреди месец
  • Miniature burgers

    JJJJпреди месец
  • Im literally so close to punching my phone hearing larry eat

    Dad BouzinDad Bouzinпреди месец
  • This was a bad decision to watch ehile doing cardio😂

    raj deepraj deepпреди месец
  • Think about Larry's toilet 😂😂 when he drops grenade 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣 holy shit I'm dead boooommmmmmm 💥

    KarthikMillerKarthikMillerпреди месец
  • Larry u dont know before bodybuilding andre was a fat guy he daily used toeat all thisss

    Bilal ShaikhBilal Shaikhпреди месец
  • Larrys mouth is ugly af 😂

    T DT Dпреди месец
  • Lol i would go bankrupt if i ordered that much.

    King CheemsKing Cheemsпреди месец
  • Oh lord that thumbnail is making my stomach scream at me those burgers look prime !!!!!

    IRMxFitness 27IRMxFitness 27преди месец
  • Andrei isn't eating fast, Larry is kinda slow

    M MM Mпреди месец
  • Larry getting gyno man dam slow down on that stuff

    Fredrick McdonaldFredrick Mcdonaldпреди месец
  • Larry laugh is next level

    Deng YTChannelDeng YTChannelпреди месец
  • Imagen being able to eat what ever the fuck you want and literally everything just turns to muscle

    Marius SerigstadMarius Serigstadпреди месец
  • Their girlfriends are not gonna be happy with them....

    HamzaHamzaпреди месец
  • Oh boy the cameraman was really determined 🤣

    Aarthik ChoudharyAarthik Choudharyпреди месец
  • Larry's wrists and calves are thin

    Felix RGFelix RGпреди месец
  • Larry your lats are becoming broader ...i noticed that in previous video with half the.💪👍

    Vikash kajalVikash kajalпреди месец
  • Eating PR less goo 😂♥️🔥

    Lil JaydyLil Jaydyпреди месец
  • Larry gunna need some chalk b4 bed for some extra grip

    JOSH VJOSH Vпреди месец
  • This is torture I want a burger after seeing this but its 5:30am and take out don't open until 4:30pm

    Quake AftershockQuake Aftershockпреди месец
  • The most humane eating challenge I've ever seen

    Rob BarberRob Barberпреди месец
  • Little disappointed in Larry with the sliders.... Time to bring in Shaw lol

    Cam SCam Sпреди месец
  • why was larry struggling from the first bite

    Ameera TheHybridAmeera TheHybridпреди месец
  • Diff steroid stacks def affect your hunger. It really seemed like Larry wasn't even hungry from the beginning.. Why even do the challenge?

    Isaac MotiveIsaac Motiveпреди месец

    james adolfojames adolfoпреди месец
  • Larry in the shitter: "were here in the best bathroom in Dubai" 🤣

    Matt ButterworthMatt Butterworthпреди месец
  • Andrie: eating with class but still fast Larry: JJSHDJSJSBWNE

    Ian BoonIan Boonпреди месец
  • larry the kinda guy to chalk his mouth before a food challenge PR

    Ian BoonIan Boonпреди месец
  • After watching all the videos with Andre Dieu lately he really seems like such a chill dude. Filled with tons of laughs and good vibes!

    Tyler HeilmanTyler Heilmanпреди месец
  • 💓💓💓

    SAHASRA സഹസ്രSAHASRA സഹസ്രпреди месец
  • Larry laughs 😆

    Akhil SardhanaAkhil Sardhanaпреди месец
  • nobody: Matt Stonie: hold my jaw i will swallow that shit.

    LilyLilyпреди месец
  • Me "Okay fkkit FINE LARRY I'll give in and grab one of those belts and some elbow wraps" Larrys store "lol not today buddy" WTF gives bro?

    theSNAPCASEtheSNAPCASEпреди месец
  • I see Andrei Deiu, I like...

    Horse iOSHorse iOSпреди месец
  • who pays the bill?

  • "How do I wreck my heart?" challenge.

    TheBf666TheBf666преди месец
  • Damn that chicken one looks so good

    Kirk's Nutrition and FitnessKirk's Nutrition and Fitnessпреди месец