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Larry Wheels:
Thor Bjornsson:
Thor's BGbuild:
Monster Michael Todd:
Monster&MrsMonster BGbuild:
The Monster Factory:

  • Andy stfu

    CLARACLARAпреди 3 часа
  • Larry, seeing this video, you have improved unbelievably in arm wrestling.

    CYBERGUYCYBERGUYпреди 13 часа
  • Never seen Thor so enthusiastic

    WipezWipezпреди 3 дни
  • 33:55 todd in his natural habitat. he loves going there every time he has an official match

    fadefadeпреди 9 дни
  • why Thor looking big in here? oh. the rest are just a small dudes.

    NoorAzmiNoorAzmiпреди 10 дни
  • is thor really only 15 centimeter higher than todd ? 205 vs 190 ?

    CarbzCarbzпреди 10 дни
  • todd should have taught thor his ultimate undertabler move. cant go wrong with that

    curious youtubercurious youtuberпреди 12 дни
  • Larry

    Lu LoLu Loпреди 12 дни
  • I can see michael right leg more long must need adjusting

  • 0:31 Holy freaking mother of God, that bicep!

    Livin' to LearnLivin' to Learnпреди 14 дни
  • 26:45 the table is scared, because of so much power around him :D

    Kazuya720Kazuya720преди 17 дни
  • Нихуя не понял, но очень интересно! Subtitles please!

    TrizhanTrizhanпреди 17 дни
  • How did Thor lose over a hundred pounds?!

    Eric DesjardinsEric Desjardinsпреди 17 дни
  • Michael Todd: I gOt bAbY hAnDs. Normal human beings: O_O

    Ehsan SiamEhsan Siamпреди 17 дни
  • Heavy rows always become shrugs. 🤷‍♂️

    yar dgyar dgпреди 18 дни
  • I.A.L. Internet armwrestling league. Just saying.

    Aaronymous UnlimitedAaronymous Unlimitedпреди 18 дни
  • Thor almost looks skinny xD

    Goratch the muleGoratch the muleпреди 20 дни
  • I thought at the end I was going to get to see Thor blow them both out of the water on the squat.

    M JM Jпреди 20 дни
  • Larrys build looking like a freakin comic book character

    Rayray jonesRayray jonesпреди 22 дни
  • Your bearded mate is leaning to his strong side really bad technique and he’ll never build strength leaning to one side maybe he should stick to arm wrestling

    brutalbrital ‘painless’brutalbrital ‘painless’преди 24 дни
  • "Thats how you motivate,you Lie to a person" Actually this is the truth, when you faced a Narcissist because they're fake and motivates you to love yourself even more.

    Freedom 4LifeFreedom 4Lifeпреди 24 дни
  • Haftor seems like a chill guy

    Al AponeAl Aponeпреди 24 дни
  • Bench the knee.

    Kevin BuiKevin Buiпреди 26 дни
  • Did thor get thinner?

    pike evepike eveпреди 26 дни
  • Title should be “Teaching Michael Todd to log press”

    Josh BurnerJosh Burnerпреди 26 дни
  • Larry? Half squats?

    Montague HelblingMontague Helblingпреди 27 дни
  • This is the reunion I needed :-)

    ThomasSFHThomasSFHпреди 27 дни
  • The beast would have much better banter with these guys than Hafor... But I don't know how much strength he's lost training for the boxing match with Hafor tho

    evoaddict1evoaddict1преди 28 дни
  • Larry giving us the best entertainment videos. Thanks mate 👏👏👏👏

    Hiii ThrHiii Thrпреди 28 дни
  • Mike triying to lift like Larry wheels, man, look at wheels he is filled with steroids.

    manparidomanparidoпреди 28 дни
  • You can tell Thor had a great time hanging out with Larry again, awesome video 👍🏼

    Mr SwollentipMr Swollentipпреди 29 дни
  • Push Presh

    Dane MorinDane Morinпреди 29 дни
  • 34:00 Michael's favourite place- under the table 😁😁😁

    Johnny JohnJohnny Johnпреди 29 дни
  • Thor lost 50 kg. No wonder Larry beats him easily.

    Kasimir BKasimir Bпреди месец
  • Todd getting pissed off,,,,oh here we Around 4:18 onwards when he couldn't do it

    RavSingh Rajput````RavSingh Rajput````преди месец
  • Micheal a beast

    Liam PriorLiam Priorпреди месец
  • Wait a second I commented earlier about the arm wrestling, but then why won't Larry won't show him working out with Thor?hqhgaha haha, Why do you think. that is because he is way more massive and more strong? But he will show you arm wrestling winning against him 🤣🤣🤣👇because he just picked up the sport a year ago and 22 Year old kid Handled his ass..pshhhhu

    Craig SCraig Sпреди месец
  • School boy 23 years old , and will still handle both Grown men... Right Larry🦾 you know hes super good arm wrestler. your over performance surpasses him, but that kid good

    Craig SCraig Sпреди месец
  • They talk to Mike like he's a young up and comer when he's almost 50 years old.

    J CJ Cпреди месец
  • I don't understant why Thor lose so much muscle for do boxing... Also fat people can do boxing... Se Ruiz... Also me i'm 175 cm and 275 pound, roy nelson phisique, and i enjoy boxing, i don't become sure world champ, not european, not italian, but i can move and ever enjoy boxing and mma. He also have to do 3 rounds with Hall not become world hw champ...

    Aex TbAex Tbпреди месец
  • wow thor looks lean

    Snap CitySnap Cityпреди месец
  • Hulk Vs Thor

    Masira shaikhMasira shaikhпреди месец
  • Michael "my life is complete, someone kill me now". Um, did you see what the Mountain did to Oberyn???

    Bill MarrisonBill Marrisonпреди месец
  • In Arm wrestling you need to be constantly , if you leave practique for couple of months you ll feel the lack of practique , weaker . That's what happened with Thor, and yeah he used to beat larry , but he stopped arm wrestling cause focussed on boxing and other stuff. I think if Thor hadn't stopped training armwrestling still beat larry. And Larry is a disciplined guy and that can be enough.

    diego gaonadiego gaonaпреди месец
  • God bless Michael Todd

    SmeargutSmeargutпреди месец
  • its so easy to learn arm wrestling movements, how come, those great power athletes dont know about it

    nobody lastnobody lastпреди месец
  • Not a professional arm wrestler but when you use your body, isn't that cheating? Its arm wrestling. Arms only.

    Ronny SanchezRonny Sanchezпреди месец
  • 17:46 thor spit on Todd's face 🤣

    David RuvalcabaDavid Ruvalcabaпреди месец
  • If Thor continues to learn from Michael Todd, he's soon gonna end up under the table too.

    Jungle KingJungle Kingпреди месец
  • Larry done with hitting parallel apparently 😎

    NicklasNicklasпреди месец
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    Light FireLight Fireпреди месец
  • thay have to see khalid hands xD

    pedo megopedo megoпреди месец
  • 33:55 is a hello to Devon Larratt

    aircraftman3aircraftman3преди месец
  • Isn't that world AW champ just a table troll who hides under tables

    Ante ZloicAnte Zloicпреди месец
  • guy with the beard is a prime example of me when i cant lift a certain weight

    StompaiNStompaiNпреди месец
  • Man that's dude's pretty big dude that's Larry training with but sure is weak he can't press the 249 pound log 🤔

    Jim KorykJim Korykпреди месец
  • I used to like Thor right up until the accused Eddie of cheating when he did nothing wrong. The only person that cheated was Thor then he started carrying on like a spoilt brat whinging how hard is been done by. I can't wait to watch any knock Thor out and teach him a lesson, maybe then he'll learn to keep that big mouth shut or maybe he will do the right thing and apologise to Eddie after the fight and asked his forgiveness for being an arsehole. Then and only then with the people that have turned their back on Thor because of what he did, they people may change their minds stop seeing Thor as sore loser and he will go in some respect back.

    Scott ThorpeScott Thorpeпреди месец
  • Apparently there is no pandemic going on in the US lol

    Kafka EskKafka Eskпреди месец
  • Thor is luky, didnt see levan :D

    ir aklisir aklisпреди месец
  • That guy with beard is really an awesome hype man tho 👍👍

    Mr. EminemMr. Eminemпреди месец
  • You need to collab with John Meadows

    Nicholas MedeirosNicholas Medeirosпреди месец
  • Larry laughs like a villain

    edgar carranzaedgar carranzaпреди месец
  • Larry will you be at the boxing match in Vegas? I know you’re buddies with Eddie and Thor

    YouTube Connolly familyYouTube Connolly familyпреди месец
  • It's cool to see two different world's combining!!!

    Robert SmallRobert Smallпреди месец
  • Todd was so out of line with the leg lifts, lift with the back... Be careful 😜

    Robert SmallRobert Smallпреди месец
  • Mike cares to much about being the best. As the pro arm wrestler of the group, he should know technique is everything.

    Jayden BarthelemyJayden Barthelemyпреди месец
  • I was hoping Thor would do the log press or the squat. He pressed a 213kg log in 2018. I was expecting him to do 140 - 160kg without a warmup :)

    Victor KononenkoVictor Kononenkoпреди месец
  • Larry, you should arm wrestle with schoolboy now. I think you're gonna win.

    Jatin JaiswalJatin Jaiswalпреди месец
  • pls include subtitles in portuguese BR

    Cesar AugustoCesar Augustoпреди месец
  • 21:26 Larry taking every single note like the first bench student XD XD XD

    Pranav TiwariPranav Tiwariпреди месец
  • wtf, 3 of the most strongest people in their sports and ON earth are in the same room. That much testosterone is gonna be enough to make a nuclear war head

    Pranav TiwariPranav Tiwariпреди месец
  • Thor is cewl for mentioning mufu... but Mike if you read this... don't strap with Levan.

    SysumSysumпреди месец
  • 33:55 im suprised no one have said anything about this :)

    Random StuffRandom Stuffпреди месец
  • Haha basically this: Larry”let me explain what I did real quick” Michael “so basically here’s how you arm wrestle...”

    Chad SkeenChad Skeenпреди месец
  • What ever happened to BTC?

    Omission of the mindOmission of the mindпреди месец
  • Awesome video. "I'm not going shirtless, for a few weeks, till I look like that" 😄😅

    Alan CaffreyAlan Caffreyпреди месец
  • Larry is a ninja turtle

    nothing bt factsnothing bt factsпреди месец
  • And an unexpected guest arrives:Eddie Hall!!Lol!!

    Pierre majaxPierre majaxпреди месец
  • Where is Thor on the log lift 😢

    Johnathan SimonsonJohnathan Simonsonпреди месец
  • Thor now got covid

    4/11nightnheaven4/11nightnheavenпреди месец
  • Larry has improved a lot.

    Silverado GuySilverado Guyпреди месец
  • Steroids vs Natural

    Journey Man33Journey Man33преди месец
  • Michael is a good teacher💪

    CuritibaCuritibaпреди месец
  • Love all these guys. Though Todd makes me reflect on how annoying I might be because I 'jibber jabber' and get a bit defensive, like he does, and it grates after a while!

    Mike FosterMike Fosterпреди месец
  • Man, Larry's improved so much. Keep going!

    Jackson SmithJackson Smithпреди месец
  • What's wrong with thors mouth?? Looks weird

    Ray JonesRay Jonesпреди месец
  • Michael todd your just an armwrestler(undertabler) nothing more

    Ray JonesRay Jonesпреди месец
  • Michael bustin' bars under the table, got to break free from your comfort zone going up against levan lmao

    Toke TravelerToke Travelerпреди месец
  • algorithm comment xD

    OffRoad4x4ingOffRoad4x4ingпреди месец
  • If you teach him how to armwrestle he's going to be unstoppable.

    Ivan CvetkoIvan Cvetkoпреди месец
  • Thor lost all of his gains..

    S3nd Nud3sS3nd Nud3sпреди месец
  • That kratos lookalike is useless AF

    Abhisekh SinghAbhisekh Singhпреди месец
  • I think Thor's right face is paralyzed 🤔🤔

    COC Master VivekCOC Master Vivekпреди месец
  • Perfect larry

    el killer rp40el killer rp40преди месец
  • ur channel my second best sport favorite channel after thenks

    pi johpi johпреди месец
  • Thor will be posting that how he get robbed in Arm Wrestling match. Soon.

    Af InstinctAf Instinctпреди месец
  • your strength grows exponentially with your gut size. youre too lean, larry, look at eddie and his harrelgut

    SuperUltraMegaMikeSuperUltraMegaMikeпреди месец
  • Thor just got covid 19. I hope no one has it in this video. Thor's hands are bigger than Larry's from what I've seen .

    Cali's FinestCali's Finestпреди месец
  • MMT i think needs to recover more. Breaking down muscle is easy but letting it fully repair and rebuild before going for more PR's is tough. Only one creature on earth can PR weekly. they call it a Larry Wheels.

    Habeev07Habeev07преди месец
  • Larry gonna b the shit when he learns all u have to teach, Mr. Monster.

    Ddraekah ZhynnDdraekah Zhynnпреди месец